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Citizen's Charter

The following services are being rendered by Factories Department as per the Citizens's Charter.


1 Approval of Plans of new factories.

The Pre Scrutiny of the plans are to be completed within 3 working days from the date of receipt of the plans and the plans shall be approved within 4 working days after receiving the additional information. The plans shall be approved through online only within 7 working days

2 Registration and issue of license

Scrutiny of licence application and communication of defects if any within 3 working days. Inspection of factories within 4 working days after completion of scrutiny or after commencement of manufacturing process or after receiving the additional information (which is earlier). Issue of license in form No. 4 (Through online) within total 7 working days by the Officer concerned if the application is in order and the manufacturing process is commenced.

3 Enquiry into accidents
a)Fatal accident and dangerous Occurrences
b) Serious accidents

within forty eight hours

4 Enquiry into complaints/Press reports:
a) Relating to fatal accidents/Dangerous occurrences
b) Relating to serious accidents
c) Relating to wages/overtime/others

within forty eight hours
Within seven days from the date of coming to knowledge of an officer.


The Government of Telangana have been taking several steps to facilitate "Ease Of Doing Business" so as to catalyze creation of employment opportunities while ensuring Safety, Health, Welfare and Social Security for every worker, and also the Government have ensured to bring more transparency in the inspection procedures of Factories by introducing computerized system of Risk Assessment with random allocation of factories and inspecting officers.
In order to improve the efficiency of delivery mechanism of all services are being rendered by the department and to improve transparency, ON-LINE services are developed.

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