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The Factories Department Ensures

  1. 1. Safety, Health and Welfare of 6.94 lakh workers employed in 19,580 registered factories in the State.
  2. 2. Safety of the public residing in the vicinity of Major Accident Prone/Hazardous Factories.
  3. 3. Safety of the plant, machinery and material in Factories.

Legislation Being Implemented

  1. 1. The Factories Act, 1948 and Andhra Pradesh Factories Rules, 1950.
  2. 2. The Payment of Wages Act, 1936 and Andhra Pradesh Payment of Wages Rules (in respect of Factories).
  3. 3. The Maternity Benefit Act, 1961 and Rules (in respect of Factories).
  4. 4. Manufacture, Storage and Import of Hazardous Chemicals Rules, 1989 (in respect of Factories).
  5. 5. Chemical Accidents (Emergency Planning, Preparedness and Response) Rules, 1996.


  1. 1. Approval of plan and permission to construct/ extend/ or take into use any building as a factory.
  2. 2. Grant of licence of new factory.
  3. 3. Payment of annual licence fee.
  4. 4. Amendment of licence.
  5. 5. Transfer of licence.
  6. 6. Self certification.
  7. 7. Annual returns submission.

Statutory Duties

  1. 1. Inspection of identified factories including Major Accident Hazard Factories.
  2. 2. Ensuring the provision of welfare amenities in factories such as Creche, Rest Shed, Lunch Room, Canteen, Safe Cool Drinking Water, Occupational Health Centres, Conducting of mock drills etc. depending on employment.
  3. 3. Enquiry into complaints relating to non-compliance of the provisions of the Act and Rules.
  4. 4. Organizing pre-employment and periodical medical examination of workers involved in hazardous processes.
  5. 5. Prohibition of Children employment in factories.
  6. 6. Enquiry into accidents resulting in injuries, fatalities and loss to property/ dangerous occurrences.

Interactive Meetings

The Department organizes interactive meetings/ counselling meets in various industrial estates/ clusters with employers, employees and Trade unions to create awareness in safety and health issues and also to provide an opportunity for addressing any grievances related to the department.

General safety and working conditions under the Factories Act, 1948
Fencing of machinery, safe means of access, covering of pits, sumps and other openings, testing of lifting machinery and pressure vessels, fire fighting, etc.
Cleanliness of the work place - house-keeping, ventilation & temperature, disposal of wastes, dust & fumes, avoiding over-crowding, etc.

The Department ensures provision of the following welfare amenities in factories:

i) Welfare Amenities
S.No Welfare Amenities Factories Employing
1 Creche More than 30 women workers
2 Rest sheds, Lunch room More than 150 workers
3 Canteen More than 250 workers
4 Cool drinking water More than 250 workers
5 Ambulance room More than 500 workers
6 Ambulance van Hazardous factories employing more than 200 workers
7 Occupational health centre
2 rooms of 15 sq.mts
1 room of 15 sq.mts
Hazardous factories employing
More than 200 workers
More than 50 workers
ii) Safety Officer
S.No Number of Workers Number of Safety Officers to be Appointed
1 Upto 2000 workers One
2 From 2001 to 3000 Two
3 From 3001 to 4000 Three
4 From 4001 to 5000 Four
5 From 5001 to 10000 Five
6 From 10001 to 20000 Six
7 For every additional 5000 workers or fraction thereof One additional
iii) Welfare Officer
S.No Number of Workers Number of Welfare Officers to be Appointed
1 Upto 2000 workers One
2 For every additional 2000 workers or fraction thereof over 500 One additional
iv) Medical Officer
a) Applicable to factories carrying out hazardous process as per section 2(cb)
S.No Number of Workers Number of Medical Officers to be Appointed
1 Upto 50 workers One medical officer on retainer ship
2 From 51 to 200 One part time medical officer
3 From 201 to 500 One full time medical officer
4 For every additional 1000 workers on part thereof One additional medical officer
b) Applicable to non-hazardous factories
S.No Number of Workers Number of Medical Officers to be Appointed
1 Factories Employing more than 500 workers 1 Full time Medical Officer

Safety Training Programmes

With the objective of promoting safety consciousness among management and workers and to achieve better compliance of statutory provisions, the Factories Department in addition to their statutory responsibilities, the officials are also conducting Safety Training Programmes in collaboration with National Safety Council, Andhra Pradesh Chapter, Hyderabad. Tailor made programmes are being organized to suit to a particular industry. The Department is organizing safety training programmes to supervisory personnel and workers to inculcate safety awareness in them as a part of accident prevention campaign.

New Initiatives

In order to improve the efficiency of delivery mechanism of all services being rendered by the Department and to improve transparency, these services are online in TS-IPASS system for the following citizen centric services:
  1. 1. Approval of Plans for factories.
  2. 2. Grant of Registration / Issue of license to new factories.
  3. 3. Submission of Annual Returns by Registered factories.

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