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S.No Form Number Form Name
1 FORM 1 PDF (File Size:385 KB) Application for Approval of plan and permission to construct/ extend/ or take into use any building as a factory
2 FORM 2 PDF (File Size:133 KB) Application for Registration and Grant/Transfer of Licence and Notice of Occupation
3 FORM 2A PDF (File Size:110 KB) Notice of Change of Manager / Occupier
4 FORM 4 PDF (File Size:113 KB) Licence to work a factory
5 FORM 5 PDF (File Size:120 KB) Certificate of fitness
6 FORM 6 PDF (File Size:109 KB) Humidity Register
7 FORM 8 PDF (File Size:126 KB) Report of examination of pressure vessel or plant
8 FORM 8A PDF (File Size:105 KB) Permanent Register
9 FORM 8B PDF (File Size:120 KB) Report of examination of water-sealed gasholder
10 FORM 8C PDF (File Size:108 KB) Record of eye examination
11 FORM 11 PDF (File Size:114 KB) Modal notice of periods of work for adults and children
12 FORM 14 PDF (File Size:106 KB) Register of child workers
13 FORM 17B PDF (File Size:102 KB) Health Register
14 FORM 18 PDF (File Size:142 KB) Notice of accident or dangerous occurrence resulting in death or bodily injured
15 FORM 18A PDF (File Size:117 KB) Notice of accident or dangerous occurrence which does not result in death or bodily injured
16 FORM 19 PDF (File Size:124 KB) Notice of poisoning or disease
17 FORM 25 PDF (File Size:104 KB) Muster Roll
18 FORM 27A PDF (File Size:113 KB) Dust Extraction system
19 FORM 27C PDF (File Size:111 KB) Health Register
20 FORM 35 PDF (File Size:104 KB) Register of trained workers
21 FORM 37 PDF (File Size:104 KB) Report of examination of hoisting machines
22 FORM AR for the Year Ending 31 Dec PDF (File Size:143 KB) Annual Return For The Year Ending 31st December
23 Inspection Checklist PDF (File Size:39 KB) Inspection Report Format
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